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Who We Are

Driven by your vision

Digital and Software Solutions (DSS) provides expert consulting and software development services to help organisations optimise their workflows, digitise their operations, and improve efficiency

We recently expanded our portfolio with our first in-house product, aiDentix, an OCR technology for automated identity verification. It uses the latest generation of artificial intelligence to provide advanced and accurate verification solutions to help businesses meet regulatory requirements, prevent fraud, and save hours of manual work.











What We Do

DSS provides consulting and software solutions using moder, performant and reliable technical solutions

Software engineering

Developing and maintaining software systems and applications which best fit your business case

ServiceNow consulting

Configuring and implementing the ServiceNow platform to help you manage your IT services, operations and workflows

UX/UI Design

Designing digital interfaces and experiences that are intuitive, visually appealing, and user-friendly


Providing expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning by training models on various datasets to power our AI solutions-related software.

Cloud & DevOps

Building, deploying and managing applications and infrastructure in cloud environments using agile, automated approaches

Hardware delivery

Hardware delivery
 Delivery, installation and maintanance of hardware equipment

What we value

At DSS, we believe that a friendly environment and personal growth are the recipes for success.

Team work & Respect

Team work begins by building trust

Equality & Openness

Be, and express your true self

Constant growth

Admit mistakes, rectify and learn from them

Deliver Value

We approach everything with attention and dedication

Having Fun

The outcome is important, but we never miss out on the fun


Work where, how and when you want

Ready to get started?

Hop on a call and let our identity experts help you integrate our automated solution into your existing processes.

aIDentix is a seamless solution for identity verification that reduces friction and manual work associated with onboarding new customers, while ensuring compliance with KYC regulations by levariging OCR technology and machine-learning.


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