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Payroll Management

A payroll system is the medium that allows you actually pay your employees. During this process, you calculate wages and deductions based on the employee’s pay scale. You also generate paychecks and pay stubs, and perform direct deposit and payroll tax procedures. Before you get to those stages, you must figure the amount of hours to compensate your employees who are paid hourly. Your timekeeping system shows each employee’s daily time worked and the total hours to pay them for on the upcoming payroll. Biometric Attendance System terminals use an employees' biometrics in particular fingerprint and face to record the time in and time out at work and also records access to certain activity. It is highly accurate and cannot be manipulated when compared to attendance registers that are signed using pen on paper.


School Attendance Management
Student attendance management is an integral part of the School ERP System which can help in automating the entire school student attendance. The automation powered by biometric systems can help in live tracking of each and every student’s class presence or in any other extra-circular activities that can help in assessing their performance in a smarter way. Parents get Real Time notifications of their child journey through the mobile app/SMS notifications thus making them carefree about the safety of their kids. 

School attendance management system can save a significant amount of valuable teacher’s time in the attendance recording. Coupled with a biometric system, automation can help in reducing efforts on manual attendance recording. Teachers can utilize the saved time for productive things. These include better teaching methods, and also focusing on low-performing students.