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Border Control
Biometric access control systems used at airports and national or regional boundaries to track and manage the flow of humans, and the databases and documents that support them, make up border and port security. Includes national and immigration registries, ePassports and smart card systems, automated border control (ABC) kiosks, and apps for data sharing among other products and services.
Managing and controlling international entry and exit border control points is not only a matter of national security but also economic, social, and environmental stability. International travel and requirements for entry and exit in and out of a country is established by national and international regulations. Despite this all border points are vulnerable to illegal and unauthorized border crossings by high risk individuals, and it is critical to keep the continued threat of terrorism, anti-national forces, illegal trade, and illegal immigration in check.

Law Enforcement
Regions with large populations, numerous entry and exit points, remote and isolated border posts; and regions facing on-going humanitarian crises, influxes of refugees, and conflict will experience extreme pressures on their border control, and national security systems and are especially vulnerable to security breaches.

Border control management systems that rely solely on biographic information, ID cards and documents are outdated and vulnerable to duplication and fraud creating weaknesses in national security systems.