Aidentix Infotech Limited

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement agencies and identity management organizations are increasingly using automated biometric technologies to help identify or verify personal identities. To effectively exchange biometric data across jurisdictional lines or between dissimilar systems made by different manufacturers, a standard is needed to specify a common format for the data exchange.

Mobile biometric devices are providing benefits to law enforcement and homeland security field agents who use biometric collection to identify people during field operations in near real time. The use of mobile biometrics to quickly determine the identity of a person can and does save officers’ lives.

Crime Investigation
When a fingerprint is found at a crime scene it is known as a ‘finger mark’ or ‘latent print’. Cross-checking these against other prints in authority's databases has the potential to link a series of crimes together, or to place a suspect at the scene of a crime.

Capturing criminal information and verifying criminals against existing databases becomes critical while at the same time protecting the identities of the general public. Dealing with these challenges requires reliable and up to date technology in order to improve efficiencies related to law enforcement.