4-4-2 Ten Fingerprint Scanner P40
4-4-2 Ten Fingerprint Scanner P40
4-4-2 Ten Fingerprint Scanner P40
FBI Appendix F
Single, rolled and flat capture
Automatic calibration
Automatic positioning
Automatic segmentation
Fingerprint quality feedback
Mist elimination
ISO/IEC 19794-4
Product Introduction
P40 fingerprint livescan is a lightweight, compact, optical fingerprint device. Its 91mm height should be the ultrathin in optical four fingerprint scanner. USB 2.0 interface eliminates excessive cables. All these allow it to be easily integrated into new or existing applications. There are finger indications to guide operators to capture rolled and flat fingerprints on the panel of scanner. The software guides the operator through the capture process with onscreen prompts and graphical displays. Realtime image quality check, sequence verification, auto-positioning, auto-rotating, and autocutting functions ensure the capture of highquality prints which is convenient to operators. 
➢ Fingerprint quality feedback
➢ Prompting of error finger placing
➢ Optional automatic or manual capture
➢ Mist elimination
➢ Compliant with ANSI/NIST ITL-1-2007 standards
➢ Compliant with ISO/IEC 19794-4; IP 54 compliant
➢ Single, rolled and flat capture capabilities
➢ Automatic calibration
➢ Automatic positioning fingerprints
➢ Automatic segmentation
➢ Automatic elimination of latent prints
➢ Border control & airport security
➢ Population census
➢ eID e.g. national ID, driving license, passport, etc.
➢ Law enforcement
➢ Forensics
➢ Voter registration 
➢ Notary
Technical Specifications
500 dpi ±1%
Active Platen Area
81.3 X 76.2 mm
Platen Size
92 X 79mm
Rolled Area
40.64x 38.1 mm
Image Pixel Size
1600 X 1500 pixel (Flat Image)
800 X 750 pixel (Rolled Image)
Image gray Range
≥200 Grayscales
Grayscale: 8-bit, 256 levels
Collection Rate
Single finger rolling frame rate: 20 Rate/sec  
Flat four fingers frame rate: 5 Rate/sec
Capture Mechanism
LED Indicators
Power, status and fingerprint indications
Capture Format
Single fingerprint rolls, single fingerprint flats,  four fingers, two thumbs
136 X 161 X 91 mm